StudioQuake – Powered Studio Monitors

Serious. Elegant. Understated.  
Building on the legacy of the iQuake series the new StudioQuake line continues the quest to be the best powered monitor speaker on the market today.

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SLAPS-8M Passive Radiator

S.L.A.P.S. Passive Radiators

The M series boasts impressive performance with extended excursion capability. It also features a very rational price due to the annular stamped steel chassis.Earthquake SLAPS are Tunable Passive Radiators that provide additional bass, without additional amplifier power or enclosure volume. Designed to perfectly complement all good quality long-throw woofers on the market.

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Mini-D1000 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

MiniD is a true next-gen amplifier – with features and a level of design sophistication years beyond the competition. With MiniD, Earthquake once again reasserts absolute dominance in the field of car amplifier technology.

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