Earthquake Sound Voice Coil Magazine

februar 7, 2021

Voice Coil Magazine cites EQ chief engineer Joseph Sahyoun as speaker guru and highlights the new US Patent 9.294.841 B2 in this following section:

“What if we could move more air (“pumping power” or volume velocity) without more piston area or increased excursion?

A recent (US Patent 9.294.841 B2) innovation by speaker guru Joseph Sahyoun that will reach productization later this year compliantly suspends the microspeaker with a flexible membrane that encircles the speaker.

The kinetic energy that is generated by the moving mass (the entire speaker along with the frame) is tuned to be in phase to extend the bottom end almost an octave, essentially using the entire microspeaker concurrently as a passive radiator.”

– Trends in Microspeakers, Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific, Ltd.)

For the full article: Voice Coil Magazine (Volume 32, Issue 5,  March 2019)