Atom Series – compact size, full size sound

The atom speakers ushers in a new era of microscopic speakers with uncompromising performance.  The new Atom line is infused with core patented Earthquake technology delivering a level of performance previously thought impossible for this size speaker.

With Atom it is now possible to install almost invisible in-ceiling speakers, while enjoying the rich, full-bodied sound traditionally associated with large speakers. The Atom series is the first true wideband high performance micro speaker that can be paired with a subwoofer crossed over as low as 100 hz. This means the subwoofer can be placed aesthetically out of sight.

Traditionally, when using micro speakers you had to either compromise bandwidth, stereo imaging or output level. With Atom there are no compromises. The special XLT (Xtra Long Stroke) driver can produce high output levels with no distortion. Normal micro speakers are limited in excursion and thus sound output. The Atoms have almost three times the excursion of a typical micro speaker. The unique combination of XLT-Geometry and SWS (shallow woofer system) technology has resulted in a very rugged and high performing speaker unit currently unrivaled in the marketplace.

The applications for the Atom speakers are  virtually limitless. With its micro size and sealed chassis design it can be placed almost anywhere. It is small enough to be placed in typical recessed lighting cans – even small halogen type. Tracked lighting spots can be converted to audio with the Atom speakers. The sealed chassis design makes them a superb choice when mounting into insulation or other barrier materials.

The Atoms  make ideal surround speakers and with paintable grille and frame they easily blend into any decor.

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Making big sound from small speakers might sound trivial, however many things have to be done exactly right to avoid coloration, distortion and compression. Technically, it is a demanding challenge. Most people are used to things getting smaller and more powerful all the time, this is evident in computers, tablets and smartphones - so it seems logical that the same trend should exist for speakers.

Speakers operate under some fundamental laws of physics. Sound output is the result of bore x stroke - the lower the frequency the more volume has to be displaced to keep the same sound level. When making the diameter of the speaker smaller the stroke has to be increased to produce the same volume. This also means  the speaker cone must travel a longer distance in the same amount of time as a larger speaker playing at equal loudness.

Small satellite speakers have been around for decades, but they play only a limited bandwidth of sound, typically from 300 to 13khz. In this digital age these compromises are not acceptable. Earthquake Sound has invented and patented many advances in speaker technology over the years, and many of these inventions make up the foundation for the Atom series. From the XLT motor/chassis geometry, high power no-burn voice coils to  SWS (shallow woofer system) the Atoms are packed with technology that enables them to produce extremely powerful wideband audio with unheard of  fidelity and precision.

First ever at this size with linear response from 150 to 21k  @50 watts power capability and 85 db sensitivity and a low end roll off so gentle that it can be used with a woofer crossed at 100 hz for high fidelity full range audio. Normally a crossover at 300hz is needed.



Box dimensions
9 × 11 × 11 cm
0.3 kg


80.5 mm
Cut out hole
74 mm
Mounting Depth
60 mm
Frequency Response
150Hz - 20kHz
Woofer Size
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Voice Coil
Power Handling
45 Watts
  • Liquid ingress protection IPX2
  • Mechanical impact resistance IPX7 -/V/O
  • Overall IP 22 / 2X
  • Solid particle protection IPX5



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