DJ-Quake 2.1-V2

Portable 2.1 Speaker System


DJ-Quake 2.1 V2 – Portable 2.1 Speaker System

DJ-Quake-2.1-V2  is a portable speaker system that consists of two 4 x 4-inch array speakers (DJ-QUAKE-ARRAYS) with stands (2B-ST35M) and one 12-inch subwoofer (DJ-QUAKE-SUB) with a built-in 1200-Watt Max amplifier(600-Watt RMS).

The amplifier features balanced and unbalanced line inputs, an additional microphone input and a digital media player with USB/SD and Bluetooth inputs.



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Transforming the classic 2.1 DJ setup into a touring grade line array system

DJ-Quake is built upon the feedback we have accumulated from our successful DJ-10M and 8M powered DJ speakers launched a few years back. Many audio professionals asked for something bigger and more powerful, while still remaining easy to use like the DJ-M speakers.

Enter the DJ-Quake 2.1 V2 Line Array system. Adopting all the benefits of the modern line arrays used by large venue professionals. With everything built-in, the system is completely self-contained and requires no external equipment. Just plug in your signal and play.


DJ-Quake packs a serious punch and is able to beam dispersion optimized sound over long distances thanks to its advanced array design. Even large indoor venues will have clear punchy sound in the back of the room. The DJ-Quake is designed to be user-friendly with no compromise in performance. Featuring high power, small footprint, lightweight and versatility - the DJ-Quake is perfect for virtually any situation where sound reinforcement is needed. Being perfect for public address, karaoke, live reinforcement, club use or impromptu speaking at coffee shops, schools, fitness centers, etc.


Built from the ground up with the fundamental elements that makes a product distinctly Earthquake - Power, Performance and Quality.

DJ-Quake offers amazing performance at an unparalleled price. We believe that the DJ-Quake will become the genesis of a new class of DJ speaker systems - “The ultra-compact high performance line array” It will be the essential easy go-to solution for DJ's, musicians, and pro audio professionals who require higher performance than can be had from regular powered DJ speakers.  It is our sincere belief that the combination of price, performance and quality makes DJ-Quake the best solution in this category on the market today.


For over 30 years Earthquake has been designing and manufacturing top quality audio equipment. The DJ-Quake is no exception to this ledger of excellence. We are certain that you will enjoy using them for many years.

Ramblings from the Engineering vault:

It is widely accepted that the best systems are the modern line arrays used by large venue professionals. For some reason those systems, even smaller variants, are crazy expensive and exceedingly difficult to use, requiring separate processors and multiple amplifiers etc. Our engineers questioned why that was, and the only answer they could come up with was that no company had made a solution that would truly disrupt the notion that line arrays have to be expensive. So basically the manufacturers of those systems have had a license to print money up until now.

Many DJs and audio enthusiasts whose primary focus is keeping the party going have been scared off Line Arrays because of high price and an aura of mystique and difficulty using them. As our engineers analyzed the pro use of line arrays it became clear that existing systems were overly complicated. When you trim off all the voodoo surrounding the difficulty using line arrays - you are left with simply needing :

  1. Control phase between sub and array speakers.
  2. Control volume between sub and array speakers
  3. Control sub roll-off and array roll-on frequencies

Implement those three factors correctly and the system will sound amazing. The DJ-Quake implements those controls with simple and easy to use turn knobs. Just use simple test audio and turn the knobs.  No need for a networked computer or expensive analysing equipment.

Intended Use:

  • DJ and/or Pro Sound applications
  • PA systems, Karaoke, live music
  • Schools, halls, places of worship
  • Gyms/fitness centers

DJ-Quake 2.1-V2 Set Includes:

  • One (1) 12” Powered Subwoofer
  • Two (2) sets of 4 x 4” Array Speakers
  • Two (2) Heavy Duty ProAudio Speaker Stands with carrying bag
  • One (1) Remote Control
  • One 6ft (1.8m) Power Cable
  • Two (2) 16.5 feet (5m) Sub-to-Array 1/4” TRS Speaker Cables
  • Six (6) 1 feet (0.3m) Array Connecting Speaker Cables
  • Two (2) Line Array Mounting Brackets (with Screws)
  • One (1) Manual


Box dimensions


4" (101.6mm) / 1" (25mm) voice coil (8-Ohm per Array/Channel)
1" ( 25mm) Compression Driver
Woofer Size
MAX Power
Subwoofer: 1200W
Array: 100W
RMS Power
Subwoofer: 600W
Array: 50W
Crossover Frequency
80Hz - 1kHz
105 dB (± 2dB)
Fuse Rating
Ø5 x 20mm 5A/250V UL/VDE slow blow tube fuse

Product Dimensions

Height Adjustment
1100mm - 1870mm
Upper Tubing Diameter
1 3/8” (35mm)
Load Capacity
60 kg
  • 0 - 180° phase switch
  • 1” Compression Driver
  • 4” Speakers
  • AC Power Input with Built-in fuse
  • Built-in 1200 Watt (600 Watts RMS) amplifier
  • Built-in Class D Amplifier
  • Built-in Equalizer
  • Built-in multimedia player with LCD screen (supports SD / MMC - USB - Bluetooth®)
  • Built-in Speaker Stand Adapter
  • Carrying Handles & Corner Bumpers
  • Echo Level Control
  • Horn loaded
  • Inputs: Bluetooth® - SD / MMC - USB - Balanced (XLR/TRS) - Unbalanced (RCA/AUX) - Dual MIC inputs
  • Limit LED
  • Line array mounting bracket fits: 1 3/8” / 35mm tube
  • Main Power Switch
  • Master Volume Control
  • Mic 1 & Mic 2 Volume Control
  • Mounts on standard speaker stands/tripods or wall mounts
  • Multimedia Volume Control
  • Option for daisy-chaining
  • Outputs: Balanced (XLR/TRS) & Speakon (passive SUB out)
  • Passive Sub Link
  • Ported Enclosure
  • Remote Control
  • Sub Frequency Control
  • Sub Volume Control


Product release



DJ QUAKE ARRAYS – Mid Range Array Speakers

Earthquake’s DJ-Quake 2.1 V2 portable speaker system includes two 4 x 4-inch array speakers.

Cables included. Speaker Stands sold separately.



DJ-Quake-P12 – 1000W 12″ Passive Subwoofer

Earthquake Sound is proud to bring to you the new DJ-Quake P12. This is a 1000 watts passive 12” subwoofer to add more punch to your existing DJ-Quake 2.1 v2 system. It is an excellent choice for the DJ on the go as well as audiophiles. This subwoofer is extremely portable and weighs in at just under 38 pounds. With carrying handles and corner bumpers built into the box; a DJ will easily be able to tote the P12 around from venue to venue. It features Speakon input/output, TRS, and speaker level inputs.

The P12 is a great addition to the DJ-Quake 2.1 v2 or any DJ setup. With the P12 alongside the DJ-Quake 2.1 v2 system; it will give the user the ability to scale their system no matter what size the venue may be. When you need to double up on your bass, the P12 will deliver and keep the party going.





2B-ST35M – Heavy Duty Pro-audio Speaker Stands

2B-ST35M is a pair of Heavy duty Pro-audio speaker stands that can adjust from 43 inches to 73 inches high. 2B-ST35M also comes in a carrying bag.
Each stand can easily supports a maximum weight of 175lbs; the high quality steel stand comes with a heavy duty molded metal housing. The user can easily tightens the stand to the proper height using the ergonomic knob, and use the provided safety pin for added security.





DJ-QUAKE-SUB – 12″ Powered Subwoofer

DJ-Quake-Sub V2 is the new and improved powered subwoofer for the DJ-Quake-2.1-V2 system. This 12-inch subwoofer has built-in 1200-Watt amplifier (600 Watts RMS).

It features balanced (XLR/TRS) and unbalanced (RCA/AUX) line inputs, two MIC inputs as well as a digital media player with USB/SD and Bluetooth® inputs. Additionally, the DJ-Quake Sub V2 has balanced (XLR/TRS) and Speakon (for added passive sub) outputs.