MQB-XX Shaker

Shell Shoxx Shaker Discontinued


MQB-XX – Pinnacle of Tactile Performance

The MQB-XX is the shaker/tactile component of the SHELL SHOXX set.

The Shell ShoXX shaker interprets the low frequency by-product of in-gaming events and converts them to the corresponding kinetic output (vibrations).

With the MQB-XX shaker unit mounted to the gaming chair or other seating device, the tactile energy travels through the seat and into the user’s body. The body then interprets this as a homogeneous combination of sound and physical impact, just as it would if the gam-ing battlefield had actual grenades going off and bullets flying.For the uninitiated this can best be described as life-like total body force-feedback.

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Components Included:

  • MQB-XX Shaker

  • Amplifier Output Cord (9ft / 2.74m)

3D Motion

With massive percussion power and Earthquake’s patented 3D Motion™ technology, the shakers bring user immersion to a new level.

With impact energy far beyond any consumer shaker, the audio enthusiast will experience unprecedented tactile response.

Box dimensions
33 × 47 × 38 cm
4 kg


Frequency Response
15 - 50Hz
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Pipe Size
1.1” - 1.5” (28mm - 38mm)
Power Handling
20 - 500W


89 mm
70 mm
216 mm


Product release

Shell ShoXX Gamer Set

The Earthquake Shell ShoXX system represents

the pinnacle of tactile performance

designed specifically for the gaming market.



Earthquake XJ-300ST Class J Stereo amplifier

The new XJ-300ST amplifier packs more power and flexibility than any other amplifier. No amplification task is beyond its capability. With an unimposing miniature size and almost unreal amounts of cool running power, this advanced Class J amplifier is the installers go to dream.

The XJ-300ST is also exciting news for the tactile transducer/bass-shaker crowd as it sports all the features of the 300R while adding a whopping 20 percent more power.

The special XJ technology allows for a novel 2.1 configuration. With the XJ-300ST it is possible to connect a third speaker between the two main channels. This matrix, mono channel plays the combined content of both channels. This is extremely useful for powering 2 satellites and a subwoofer.


More details about the XJ-300ST and the technology behind it