Cinénova Clarté On-Wall Line Array LCR


The Earthquake Cinénova Clarté OW-4503-LCR is a versatile line array speaker designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally, combining elegant, modern style with superb sound performance.

It is a genuine space-saving option when adding the crucial front left, center, and right channels to a home theater or media room and may also be used for surround sound channels in high-end audio systems.

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Behold the wonder of the Cinénova Clarté OW-4503-LCR Speaker, a marvel of sound engineering for your home theater or media room. Its stature belies its versatility, offering front left, center, and right channels in a single, elegant package. Whether mounted horizontally or vertically, this speaker is a captivating addition to any audio system seeking exceptional surround sound. With the capacity to handle up to 600 watts of power, this speaker is a powerhouse of sound production. Four 5.25″ glass fiber cone midbass drivers, paired with a magnet structure of immense power, deliver midrange and midbass tones with unparalleled clarity. Meanwhile, three 2″ audiophile-quality ribbon tweeters produce distortion-free high notes and crystal-clear vocals, providing a complete range of frequencies.

Installation is a breeze with cross-style mounting brackets or dog ear Turn-N-Lock™ mechanisms, both of which include templates for easy application. The center wiring groove running through the enclosure enables wire management, ensuring a neat and professional look. For in-wall installation, the speaker features an invisible trim that blends seamlessly into the standard stud bays, offering a high-end aesthetic. The Earthquake Cinénova Clarté Line Array LCR Speaker imbues your media room with rich, breathtaking sound, free of distortion or coloration. An immersive listening experience awaits as you indulge in the wonders of music and movies, with exceptional sound reproduction and tonal balance. Embrace the magic of sound with the Cinénova Clarté Line Array LCR Speaker.

Quality Components

Experience breathtaking sound from a combination of four 5.25-inch glass fiber cone woofers for distortion-free midbass and three 2-inch audiophile ribbon tweeters for remarkable sound quality with pinpoint accuracy.

Versatile Placement

The OW-4503-LCR is conveniently installed vertically or horizontally with versatile cross-style mounting brackets. Wire management is made possible via a center wiring groove that runs the entire length of the enclosure, and spring-loaded push terminals make wiring a breeze.

Magnetic Grilles

The OW-4503-LCR boasts strong, magnetically attached grilles that can be easily removed, granting you the choice to either conceal or reveal this beautiful speaker.

Box dimensions


Coverage Angles
15° - 90° vertical
80° - 130° horizontal
Crossover Frequency
HP 12dB/Oct @ 2kHz
LP 12dB/Oct @ 2kHz
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Power Handling
120W RMS / 600W Max
92dB @1W/1M


1017 mm
186 mm
110 mm
Mounting Dimensions
106mm x 717.40mm
11.09 kg
  • Can be arranged to create line arrays
  • Center Wiring Groove
  • Cross Style Mounting Brackets
  • Custom-built Second Order Crossover Network With Polyswitch Protection
  • Four 5.25″ glass fiber midbass drivers
  • Great for 2-channel audio or complete home theater systems
  • Magnetically Attached Grille
  • On-wall line array LCR loudspeaker
  • Piano black finish
  • Sonically Neutral Cabinet Design
  • Three 2″ audiophile-quality ribbon tweeters
  • Used for L R C or surround channels


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