Edgeless 8" Stereo Reference Ceiling Speaker - Dual VC



The affordable Reference series is now Edgeless!

All the excellence of the Reference RCS Edgeless line!  In a single point dual input stereo speaker.  Enjoy rich stereo sound from just one speaker.

Reference Edgeless series is all about quality fundamentals. Everything has been trimmed, leaving only the bare essentials – good sound, reliability, affordability and superb aesthetics. The RCS Edgeless series features polypropylene woofer cones for durability, weatherability and good looks. Each speaker has a 1 inch (25mm) silk dome swiveling NEO tweeter that can be aimed at the direction of the listeners for better sound staging.

The RCS Edgeless speakers have been redesigned and are now Edgeless with no visible speaker frame. This reduced visibility, smaller footprint and beautiful aesthetics makes the RCS Edgeless series the ideal option when good looks, great sound and high-end looks are wanted at an affordable price.

Featuring high sensitivity and an easy 8 ohm load, the RCS Edgeless can be used with very modest amplifiers.

Comes complete with paintable magnetically attached grilles, these speakers can be customized to blend with any décor. Installation is quick thanks to a 3-ear Turn ‘N’ Lock installation mechanism.

Note: If used in Saunas or swimming/bathing facilities with water vapor condensing directly on the grill, rust might form over time. This is harmless and the grill can be replaced for a like-new appearance.

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Sold per piece

EAN: 0068975901364 Excluding VAT 72.57 €
Box dimensions
30 × 15 × 30 cm
2.1 kg


12dB/Octave Filter Network with Polyswitch
Frequency Response
45Hz - 20kHz
Grille Finish
MAX Power
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
92dB @1W/1M
1" (25mm) silk dome NEO swiveling tweeter
Voice Coil
Woofer Size
8" (203mm)


Cut out hole
240 mm
Frame Diameter
267 mm
Magnet Width / Diameter
86 mm
Mounting Depth
116 mm


270 mm (with grille)
  • 12 dB/Octave filter network crossovers
  • Also available in 6.5" stereo & 8" and 8" stereo models
  • Bumped back basket for high speaker excursion
  • Custom compact spring loaded terminals
  • Dual 1-inch silk dome swivel NEO tweeter
  • Easy to use Turn ‘N’ Lock installation mechanism
  • Edgeless Design for seamless blend
  • Paintable rust-resistant grille
  • Thermal tweeter protection
  • Wider surround for deeper bass and higher speaker excursion



Product release


Edgeless Spare Speaker Grilles

  • 1 Pc. Round Grille for ECS-8.0, ECS-8D, R-800 and R-8D


Edgeless Spare Speaker Grilles – BLACK

  • 1 Pc. Round Grille for ECS-8.0, ECS-8D, R-800 and R-8D


Optional square grill for the Edgeless In-Ceiling Speakers:

  • ECS-8.0 (EAN: 0 068975 900626)
  • ECS-8D (EAN: 0 068975900824)


30.48M (100FT.) 14-AWG/2.0mm2 Speaker Cable – Clear

Sold and priced per spool.


1M (3.28FT.) 14-AWG/2.0mm2 Speaker Cable – Clear

Maximum length in one continuous piece is 30 meter.

Sold and priced per meter.

Auralinear WBB

– Auralinear Brand Wood Back Boxes –
– Perfect Fit for Earthquake Ceiling Speakers


  • Wood Back Box suitable for Ceiling Speakers
  • Does NOT come with Front Plates (sold separately)

Suitable for use with 6″ or 8″ speakers, such as:

  • CM-600, CM-800
  • IQ-6S, IQ-8S, IQ-6DUAL, IQ-8DUAL
  • ECS-6.5, ECS-8.0, ECS-6DUAL, ECS-8DUAL
  • R-650, R-6D, R-800, R-8D
  • SS-82W, ECS-SS-82


Auralinear WBB Front Plate

– Auralinear Brand Wood Front Plate without Hole-


  • Wood Front Plate (without hole) suitable for WBB (Auralinear Wood Back Box)
  • Material: Plywood
  • Does NOT include Wood Back Box – only front plate.



Auralinear WBB-FP-8

– Auralinear Brand Wood Front Plate with cutout Hole –


  • Wood Front Plate (with cutout hole) suitable for WBB (Auralinear Wood Back Box)
  • Material: Plywood
  • Does NOT include Wood Back Box (sold separately)

Suitable for use with 8″ speakers, such as:

  • CM-800
  • IQ-8S, IQ-8DUAL
  • ECS-8.0, ECS-8DUAL
  • R-800, R-8D
  • SS-82W, ECS-SS-82