Outdoor 10" Rock Subwoofer



Granite-10 Outdoor Subwoofer

The most powerful 10″ Rock Subwoofer on the market

The new Granite-10 Outdoor Subwoofer is the newest addition to Earthquake’s ROCK-ON speaker series. It was specifically designed to imitate a rock-like appearance that can easily blend in with any outdoor environment. The enclosure of the Granite-10 is made from an extremely durable epoxy resin construction and other UV treated materials making this subwoofer an ideal choice for the most demanding outdoor elements. The ROCK-ON Granite-10 Subwoofer features a high power crossover that reduces distortions and produces pure sound that blends in with nature.

The ROCK-ON Granite-10 brings true bass to your outdoor space which is something that is greatly needed in today’s rock speaker market. The Granite-10 is ported with an “S” shape that also helps in preventing water & moisture from getting trapped inside the structure. The Earthquake ROCK-ON Granite-10 Outdoor Subwoofer is a great choice for adding bass to any new or pre-existing outdoor audio system. The enclosure can also be painted so that it may match or compliment your garden, pool area, front yard, back yard, etc. With the Earthquake Granite-10 you will turn any outdoor space into an entertainment center.

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Expand Your Audio System

Earthquake Sound’s ROCK-ON series of speakers further enhance your home audio system by bringing music and movies to the outdoors. They will revitalize your outdoor living space as you spend more time outside throughout the warmer months.

Tough & Rugged

The enclosure of the Granite-10 is constructed with an extremely durable epoxy resin and further enhanced with UV treated materials. This makes the subwoofer withstand the most demanding outdoor elements and is built to last.

“S” Shaped Port

The port of the Granite-10 was specifically designed to be “S” shaped so that water cannot get trapped inside. Multiple tests were done to make sure that this subwoofer could stand up against the most abusive weather conditions.

Moisture Prevention

The Granite-10 subwoofer is a completely sealed unit making it an ideal choice for patios, gardens, poolside areas and outdoor living spaces.

Paintable Enclosure

This subwoofer comes out of the box with a stock granite finish enclosure. This outer finish can also be custom painted to your liking so that it can further blend into its surroundings.

Ultimate Outdoor 2.1 System

The Granite-10 subwoofer was designed to be paired up with Earthquake’s Granite-52 outdoor speakers to create an outdoor 2.1 system with clean and accurate sound.


  • UV treated and weather-resistant enclosure materials
  • Epoxy resin durable construction
  • Rock-like appearance and finish to easily blend in with any outdoor environment
  • Completely sealed speaker with santoprene surrounds, poly cones, and poly dust caps
  • Single Voice Coil
  • High power crossover
  • Paintable enclosure to complement any décor
Box dimensions


Paintable Epoxy Resin
Cone Material
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
4 ohm
Power Handling
20-400 Watts
92 dB
Voice Coil
Woofer Size


356 mm
570 mm
534 mm
Voice Coil Diameter
2.5" / 63.5 mm
  • Completely sealed speaker with Santoprene surrounds poly cones and poly dust caps
  • Epoxy resin durable construction
  • High power crossover
  • Paintable enclosure to complement any décor
  • Rock-like appearance and finish to easily blend in with any outdoor environment
  • Single Voice Coil
  • UV treated and weather-resistant enclosure materials


Product release

Rock-on: Granite-52 Speakers

The Granite-52 speakers and Granite-10D subwoofer –  part of the  new  ROCK-on  outdoor  speaker  series,  are  specifically designed to  imitate a rock appearance and easily blend  in with any  outdoor  environment.

Made  with  UV  treated,  weather-resistant  enclosure materials  and  durable  epoxy  resin  construction,  the ROCK-on speakers can withstand  the demanding outdoor elements.

Granite-52 are a pair of rock speakers with a 5 ¼ inch woofer and a ½ inch tweeter. They serve as your left and right speakers and have an amazing frequency response that is unmatched by any other rock speaker. They produce a clean, accurate sound.

The ROCK-on subwoofer, the Granite-10D, features high power crossovers that reduce distortions and deliver pure sound. Also, Granite-10D’s  port  is  “S”  shaped  so water  cannot  get trapped  inside.

The Granite-10D brings bass to your outdoor space, something that is greatly needed in today’s rock speaker market.  Combined with the Granite-52 speakers which have a matching finish, you can turn any backyard into an entertainment center.


Earthquake XJ-300ST Class J Stereo amplifier

The new XJ-300ST amplifier packs more power and flexibility than any other amplifier. No amplification task is beyond its capability. With an unimposing miniature size and almost unreal amounts of cool running power, this advanced Class J amplifier is the installers go to dream.

The XJ-300ST is also exciting news for the tactile transducer/bass-shaker crowd as it sports all the features of the 300R while adding a whopping 20 percent more power.

The special XJ technology allows for a novel 2.1 configuration. With the XJ-300ST it is possible to connect a third speaker between the two main channels. This matrix, mono channel plays the combined content of both channels. This is extremely useful for powering 2 satellites and a subwoofer.


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