Cinenova Grande



The Legend reborn.

The latest iteration of the legendary

Cinénova Grande amplifier is a true tale of evolution.


Since its inception the Cinenova Grande reference platform has been the benchmark for new technology. New innovations are constantly put up against the reference design. Astonishingly few circuitry innovations become the genesis of true audio evolution. It is our sincere belief that the new generation represents a meaningful improvement.

During the research process for the Cinenova 7, the Grandes smaller sibling,  three core technologies were developed. All designed to optimize the amplifiers performance and sound quality. These new technologies proved so successful that with them the  Cinénova  Grande reference design itself has been reborn.

The Cinénova Grande has long been the most powerful multi channel amplifier on the market. The new channel-bridge feature further propels the Cinénova Grande into the wattage stratosphere. Breaking the vaunted 1,500 watts at  8 ohm HIFI amplifier barrier. A feat previously accomplished by only a handful of exotic 2 channel high-end amplifiers.

Like its predecessors the Grande BR is a tempered blend of traditional high-end virtues combined with innovative and novel circuitry design. Produced using in-house proprietary manufacturing techniques. Operating in an enhanced class AB state gives it industry leading efficiency making the Cinénova Grande BR a true green amplifier.

A brief introduction to the three core technologies new to the Cinenova Grande.

  • MARS technology (Magnetically Actuated Reanimation System)
  • ION technology (In-Circuit Optimization Network)
  • ConCurrent power supply design.

Cinenova Grande XLR Configuration Guide

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Detailed Product info :

Like the best things in life  Cinénova Grande BR is created with love for detail, passion for strength and respect for grace. Cinénova Grande BR conveys audio without interpretation, coloring or compression - True to life.

Immaculate sound quality matched with massive power and  performance places Cinénova Grande at the top in the heavyweight class of high end multi-channel amplifiers. With 2000 watts dynamic and 1000 watts continuous power per channel, Cinénova Grande is the world's most powerful multi-channel amplifier.  It is ideal for both the two-channel high-end enthusiast who wants the benefits of bi-amping, and the serious home theater owner who demands unlimited power even during the most explosive movie sequences.

Are you an experienced enthusiast who is not easily impressed? We guarantee your encounter with Cinénova Grande will reignite your passion for audio. All aspects of Cinénova Grande is designed to enthuse the listener with clear audio quality, unlimited power and unsurpassed value. Precision- built quality in harmony with  aesthetic design ensures enduring owner pride and lifelong enjoyment.


Alpha One power amplifier blocks with EZXS technology

Cinénova Grande BRis comprised of individual amplifier blocks named Alpha One. The  Alpha One module blocks work independently of each other – each is a 1000 watt power amplifier itself. Each Alpha One has a 15 amperes supply and is equipped with its own preamplifier and power supply circuits (electrolytes, rectifier, etc.). Alpha One is equipped with 10 ultra-fast,  30 amperes special Toshiba transistors. This armament allows 1000 watts continuous power and 2000 watts transient response.

Cinénova Grande’s oversized construction ensures easy, accurate and articulate reproduction of any source material. The special high-speed transistors were developed by Earthquake in collaboration with Toshiba.

It has previously been difficult to construct a powerful amplifier that is both quick and articulate as powerful amplifiers typically mean a longer and more complex signal path. The new transistors help to transcend traditional barriers and effortlessly reproduce source material to over 100kHz. The combination of speed, high-power and ability to handle high voltage swings ensures the Alpha One meets its specifications effortlessly. Each Alpha One has a combined transistor current rating of 300 amperes. In addition, a 180 volt DC high voltage supply with an electrolyte bank of over 45 Joules of pure energy guarantees headroom at all times.

Cinénova Grandes ability to control a large and heavy sub-woofer cone is unmatched even when compared to exotic 2 channel designs. A damping factor of more than 1,600 means that even large and heavy speakers are dominated with ease.  Even the most complex low frequency material is reproduced with dynamic punch and rock-hard control.


"Just when I thought I've heard it all, the Cinenova Grande came along" Home Theater Mag



Cinénova Grande is equipped with a monstrous 4000VA toroidal transformer. Besides its vast mass, there are several things that distinguish it from other audio transformers. It is based on a core of pure ferrite giving the transformer a very high power density and stiffness compared to typical iron cores. The transformer is wound of 99.99% oxygen free copper of 12 gauge thickness. The use of oxygen-free copper as winding material increases the transformer's efficiency and stiffness significantly. The combination of a core of pure ferrite and windings of oxygen free copper elevates transformer power efficiency. This means that only a fraction of flow-through current is converted into heat.

The transformer is further unique in its symmetrical parallel  structure. This means that each power amplifier  block has its own secondary winding. It isolates the individual  blocks and makes them independent from each others power supply. At the same time making every module blocks secondary winding magnetically coupled to the one large primary winding. This results in a supply stability and stiffness unknown in amplifiers based on several small transformers. The above specified design results in a power supply with a regulation factor of less than 3% at full power.

Transformer winding and a special hard coating results in hum free operation. This is further ensured by 10 layers of pressed foam of different density used as insulator.


Green power

Everyone is interested in saving power for the benefit of both the environment and their wallet. Our engineers are very environmentally conscious and from Cinénova Grandes conception, environmental awareness and efficiency were absolutely essential. It is by nature a necessity to put power into the amplifier in order to get power out of the amplifier.

A combination of innovative technologies and precise tuning and calibration led to Cinénova Grande being the market leader in Green Power. A five-channel Cinénova Grande with a total power capacity of 5000 watts continuous has an idle consumption of only 0.25 amps (230 volt). This corresponds to the consumption of a typical fish tank, found in many homes. By comparison, there are other brands of power amplifiers with an idle consumption of over 2 amps, which corresponds to a strong halogen lamp or a small vacuum cleaner.

Cinénova Grande is proof that good sound quality can no longer be used as an excuse for excess power consumption.


"This amp possesses that rare ability to tear through the densest, most complicated material with incredible punch, power and control" Home Threater Magazine


Built-in AC line conditioner

This built-in technology makes Cinénova Grande unaffected by noise from the power grid. This ensures that DC content in the mains is not dissipated as heat and hum in the amplifier's main transformer. Many have probably seen how the activation of a refrigerator compressor can be heard throughout the speakers and how electronic transformers in halogen lights can create noise on the power grid. These noise sources have no influence on Cinénova Grandes performance. The exclusive power conditioner eliminates the need for expensive external power conditioners and related accessories.


Printed circuit board  of the mil-spec FR-4 glass epoxy type

By exclusively using mil-spec FR-4 printed circuit boards in the Cinénova Grande, problems with "cold" solder joints and PCB warping due to thermal effects or other environmental factors were eliminated. The benefit of this is that the usage and intensity of use is no longer a factor for the amplifier's durability and longevity. To achieve an extremely low resistance and preserve signal integrity the traces on the circuit board are of the 3 ounce oxygen-free copper type.

"This amp brings new meaning to the phrase "gentle giant"." Home Theater Mag


Intelligent cooling system

Cinénova Grande is built with understanding and acute awareness of how essential the cooling system is to both the amplifier's performance and durability. A well designed and properly sized cooling system is at least as expensive to produce as an exotic output stage or an extravagantly large transformer. However, it is extremely rare that an amplifier’s cooling system is highlighted in the product literature, as it is not considered to have marketing appeal.

Each Alpha One power module block has an immense heat sink of extruded and anodized aluminum. With a heat sink surface area of more than 3300 cm2. To put this in perspective, it corresponds to a flat piece of aluminum of 57 x 57 cm. A large surface area is essential for the heat sinks ability to dissipate the heat from the large transistors. A large surface area alone is not enough to constitute an effective cooling system. The cooling system must be designed so that the natural convection (the characteristic that hot air rises) is utilized optimally.

In the Cinénova Grande the heat sink is designed so that it exploits the amplifier's full height of 23 cm. This means that heat sink is vertically ripped and extends from the inlet port at the bottom of the amplifier to output openings at the top. This unobstructed  chimney design means that air can freely move from bottom to top inside the amplifier and be accelerated unhindered by the natural convection. Just the height of the heat sinks make the air flow increase exponentially as the air velocity increases for each centimeter of vertical ascending convection. The same heat sink surface area with  half the height would have a greatly reduced cooling capacity. The Cinenova will keep cool even with the hardest and most rigorous use.


"Massive, wide-open soundstage, and it refused to constrict even the smallest of nuances" Home Theater Magazine


Front panel instrumentation

Cinénova Grande is equipped with instrumentation on the front of the amplifier which informs the user about the status of each channel. An orange LED for each channel will light up when the channel's output is within a 1 dB of full power. This is signaled by the LED briefly lighting up (flashes) by transients in the music / movie.

The signal is still amplified distortion-free and one should be careful not to increase volume. This information enables the user to utilize all the amplifier's power resources without concern for unpleasant and harmful loudspeaker distortion. With Cinénova Grandes high power capability, only the most extreme users will see these lights flicker. When a channel's output capacity is fully utilized the corresponding  diode light up constantly indicating the volume should be reduced.


Built-in electronic crossover

This is a unique feature that allows each channel to be  adjusted only to reproduce the user’s desired frequency range. A three-way switch and a potentiometer controls  the filter function. If the switch is set to bypass, the crossover is disconnected and has no function and the channel acts as an ordinary mono output channel. If the switch is set to high pass, the channel will only reproduce the higher frequency range. The intersection of the crossover divider can be infinitely adjusted using the potentiometer. When the switch is set to low pass, it will only reproduce the lower frequency area and the intersection is adjusted in the same manner. Crossover function can be a superb tool for the enthusiastic DIYer, who wants to experiment with parts frequencies.

It is also an invaluable feature for users who are experimenting with bi-amping and want control over the spectrum each speaker part sees. Many will find it useful to cut off  frequencies below the tuning point on the user's speakers. Added power below this point can not be reproduced  by the speakers and thus constitutes an undue burden. There is often a noticeable sound enhancement benefit by cutting off the low frequencies a small speaker can not handle. Increased dynamics, detail and power handling are typical areas that will be improved.


"Besides the massive raw power that delivered a smooth upper range, the bass was extremely tight" John E. Johnson, Home Theater HiFi


Total Protection

Another area where Cinénova Grande differs  from other amplifiers is its ability to protect itself against even the most extreme circumstances. It is not just technical protection, but protection with detailed instrumentation. Diagnosis of the amplifier's operating condition is a simple visual task. Cinénova Grande’s transformer is constantly monitored by a thermal monitoring system.

Each Alpha One block module is also equipped with a thermal monitoring system to disconnect it in case of blocked cooling vents or near short-circuit impedances (less than 1 ohm continuously). Both the transformer and Alpha One is designed to support full continuous power in all channels at ambient temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. Besides thermal protection the Alpha One is secured against component damage caused by short circuits.

Alpha One is equipped with a 15 amperes local main relay which disconnects the individual module block if it consumes more than 3450 watts. Besides the 15 amperes local main relay, Alpha One is equipped with 2 pcs. 10 amperes fuses which monitors the supply voltage - one for the positive and negative supply rail. Cinénova Grande is additionally equipped with a 25 amperes global main relay.


"A potent combination of speed, grace and power" Home Theater Magazine

Cinénova Grande is protected against short circuit, transistor burning and other internal errors (open circuit). Besides protecting themselves, Cinénova Grande secures against forwarding DC to the speakers, and on / off transient protection (ensuring that the amplifier is not making loud noise in the speakers at start up). The amplifier's rear panel houses the instrumentation for the protection circuits. The instrumentation is built around FFI (Fused Fault Indicators) technology. Each Alpha One module block has two Fused Fault Indicators which lights up if a parameter is exceeded. FFI monitors the condition of the two 10 amperes voltage controlling local fuses.


Balanced and unbalanced operation

Cinénova Grande is able to accept both balanced XLR connections and general unbalanced  RCA signals. Its implementation in Cinénova Grande separates it from other manufacturers. Traditionally, RCA and XLR inputs are mounted parallel to the same signal path and both inputs are active all the time. That means using the XLR inputs the  RCA input acts as a small outdoor antenna and adds noise to the signal path.  Cinénova Grande has a switch which disconnects the unused input.This ensures a closed signal path free from extraneous noise which is essential for a true balanced design to operate optimally.

We hope that the above introduction to the Cinénova Grandes universe has inspired you. It is our belief that Cinénova Grande is one of the world's best power amplifiers, regardless of price.


Measurements of Cinénova Grande

Below are some examples of Cinénova Grandes competent performance.









Built-in Crossover: selectable between high-pass and low-pass or disengaged. 20Hz - 5kHz infinitely variable. The crossover allows you to determine how much bandwidth your speakers to reproduce. Use the amplifier to bi-amping two channels can be made to reproduce bass / midrange frequencies and two channels for the treble and the last channel might. drive a large passive subwoofer. All this without using any crossovers.

Protection Circuit:

  • The transformer has a built-in thermal protection.
  • FFI (Fused Fault Indicators). Diode indicators on the amplifier rear indicates whether a parameter has been exceeded.
  • Each module block is thermally protected.
  • The amplifier is protected against forwarding bad DC to the speaker.
  • The amplifier is protected against short circuit, transistor burning and internal errors.
  • The amplifier is equipped with a 25 amp main fuse (supports your electrical installation larger effect, fuse switch to a major).
  • Each module block is equipped with a 15 amp main fuse pop.
  • Each module block is equipped with two. 10 amp fuses. One for + and one for -. Two diodes back of each modular block monitors whether a fuse is blown.
  • Transistor burning.
  • Connection Dropouts and internal fault (open circuit)
  • Power transient (prevents the amplifier from making loud noise in the loudspeaker at boot).
  • EZXS technology means that each module block individual can be taken out of service. Should it ever need service.

Cinénova Grande is hand built in the USA and undergoes a 24-hour test and burn-in process before it is measured and approved for sale. Each amplifier is supplied with its own individual data sheet, where the amplifier's exact measurements are applied, and the name of the technician who performed the measurements. This is proof of performance and ensures that the amplifier lives up to our promise of guaranteed excellence.




  • Width: 18 mm
  • Depth: 49 mm
  • Width: 442 mm
  • Depth: 483 mm
  • Depth with front plate: 494 mm
  • Total lenght w/ handles: 543 mm
Front plate
  • Width: 448 mm
  • Height: 221 mm
Height with feet: 238 mm


The MARS technology (Magnetically Actuated Reanimation System) is a new type of protection system that enables the use of all the amplifier’s power resources without compromising the survivability of the amplifier under catastrophic conditions.

Typical protection systems rely on fuses or relays that complicate the signal path thus degrading audio quality. MARS is different as it is not in the signal path, but works by sensing the electro-magnetic signature of the speaker output wire then translating this input into amperes flowing through the wire. Using the principle discovered by Danish Scientist H.C. Oersted, this design has no impact on the sound quality of the amplifier as it is totally separate from the audio circuits.

 The internal communication of MARS is handled via optics rather than electrical circuits. This means MARS does not create an electromagnetic field as no current is flowing through wires. The signal path remains free of artifacts that impact and taint the sound in other designs as no amount of light activity can influence an electrical system.

Normally a relatively large safety margin is necessary because of the antiquated nature of traditional protection systems. MARS operates at 500khz speed making it deadly accurate. This enables the amplifier to utilize the outputs SOA (safe operating area) to the limit. This gives a MARS enabled amplifier 20 percent more power than an identical non-MARS amplifier.

shortcircuit_smallDuring testing the MARS technology showed that the output of the amplifier could be short-circuited at full power more than a thousand times with no damage to the amplifier. MARS does not use any relays or other damping-factor reducing mechanical switches that can wear out or fail over time. Instead, a specially designed circuit instantly shuts off the output drive.

In the event a short-circuit activates the MARS protection system, it continuously re-scans the output every 10 seconds. Normal operation automatically resumes as soon as the short-circuit condition is removed.

ION technology

The ION technology (In-Circuit Optimization Network) is an advanced network of connection points on the Cinénova Grande BR circuit-boards. Traditionally, transistors and capacitors are paired, grouped and tested to ensure compatibility. However, it  has  been shown especially by exotic and esoteric audiophiles across the globe that even highly refined mass produced amplifiers have substantial room for improvement when individually tweaked and optimized. A lot happens when individual components are put together in a circuit.

A certain margin of difference between two seemingly identical circuits exists. Some engineers refer to this as the “Ghost in the machine.” The option of being able to fine-tune and optimize a circuit even after it has been built would be the evolutionary solution – enter the ION technology. ION enables individual tweaking while remaining in a mass production environment.

When the circuit is completed, the ION network is connected to a specially designed diagnostics computer that automatically determines the optimal connections and ION then makes those connections permanent.



The ConCurrent power supply design ensures full power can be delivered at all times to all channels simultaneously. Earthquake engineers developed the parallel symmetric transformer with identical electromagnetic coupling for each secondary winding.

Every channel has its own secondary winding, capacitor bank, rectifiers and output circuitry all mounted on massive, individually, vertically-ripped extruded aluminum heat-sinks. The individual channels remain sovereign and autonomous as sharing is not required. This guarantees that no matter how hard one channel is driven it will have no effect on surrounding channels.

Power supply efficiency, stiffness and strength are dependent on several factors. The ConCurrent design is the culmination of intense optimization of all known parameters. To stiffen the supply (lower regulation factor) the transformer cores are made of ferrite instead of a lower grade iron material. The windings are made with the same oxygen free copper that is used in high-end speaker cables. To ensure hum-free operation, the transformer is hard-wound and made with military grade high temperature lacquer. The ConCurrent power supply in the Cinénova Grande BR  has a  transformer rating of 4000VA.

CinenovaGrande_20From the loudest crescendo to the finest syllable, the Cinénova Grande BR will remain composed and in control. We invite you to enjoy the unique ownership experience of this Cinénova amplifier that was designed by a brilliant mind and built with loving hands.

Box dimensions
41 × 70 × 58 cm
74 kg


8 ohms: 0.001%
Power Rating
1000 Watts into 2 ohms RMS
1450 Watts into 1 ohm RMS
1500 Watts bridge-link into 8 ohms RMS
2500 Watts bridge-link into 4 ohms RMS
2800 Watts bridge-link into 2 ohms RMS
330 Watts into 8 ohms RMS
660 Watts into 4 ohms RMS
Channel Separation
at least 120 dB
Frequency Range
1W + /-0.1dB: 20Hz to 20kHz
Damping Factor
Signal to Noise Ratio
120dB at 10kHz
121dB at 5kHz
122dB at 1kHz
Crossover Filter
Variable Selector from 20Hz – 5kHz with a slope of 12dB/Octave
Input Impedance
27,000 ohms
Max. Input Voltage
1.9 volts

Produkt Dimensioner

Net Weight
61.5 kg
238 mm
442 mm
494 mm
  • 12v trigger ( can be switched automatically from your preamplifier or other components with 12v trigger output)
  • 4000VA ferrite OFC low regulation transformer with separate secondary windings
  • Available in black
  • Built-in crossover
  • Cinénova Grande BR exceed effortlessly technical standards set by THX & DTS and Dolby Laboratories
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Oversized gold plated 7-way output terminals.
  • XLR and RCA inputs




Cinenova Grande XLR Configuration Guide

Company name
Lyd & Billede
Product name
Cinenova Grande
Download .pdf
Company name
Lyd & Billede
Product name
Cinenova Grande
Download .pdf