EQ-150 Discontinued


EQ150 Plate Amp

Factory refurbished units, now available with full warranty at an unbeatable price.

The Earthquake EQ150 plate amp is the powerhouse from the Earthquake sub80 subwoofer. Not normally sold as a stand alone product the EQ150 is now offered in a factory refurbished condition.

With 150 watts of rock solid power it is ready to tackle your bass amplification needs. Featuring a sealed airtight design the amplifier can be mounted directly in the subwoofer, with no need for a separate enclosure.  The entire aluminium chassis plate is utilized as heat sink for the powerful transistors, ensuring that amplifier will stay cool and composed even with continued heavy use.

Further adding to its list of useful features are highpassed signal out, both high and low level (speaker and rca). So you can connect smaller satellite speakers to the EQ150 and it will remove frequencies below 70hz. This makes it easy to get an inexpensive 2.1 system.

*Power Cable not included

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  • LINE IN RCA - Input jacks, accept up to 1.4 volts of audio input signal (mono and stereo).
  • LINE OUT RCA - High pass filtered RCA output jacks with left and right line output signals. The line out RCA's are not functional when the line in signal (going into the subwoofer) is derived from a sub-filtered output of an external processor.)
  • XOVER FILTER - The 12dB/Octave variable crossover filter is designed to control the subwoofer cut off frequency (range from: 40Hz to 180Hz).
  • VOLUME CONTROL - Manual adjustment of the sound level of the subwoofer. Always start at MIN position and slowly increase the volume to reach the desired subwoofer level.
  • PHASE SHIFT - 0 to 180 degrees subwoofer phase shift switch.
  • POWER SWITCH - For operating the amplifier automatic or manual power on. In automatic mode, the EQ150 will turn OFF in 15 minutes if no audio signal is detected.
  • HIGH LEVEL OUTPUT - High pass filtered output terminals designed to power up stereo satellite speakers.
  • HIGH LEVEL INPUT - Clamp style input terminal, accepts high level audio input from the main or front system speakers (up to 10 volts)

Being factory refurbished the units will show signs of having being mounted in an enclosure. This can be screw marks around the mounting holes and other smaller signs of previous operation. The units come with full warranty and are guaranteed to be fully functional.



  • Outer dimensions:
    • Height: 254 mm
    • Width: 203 mm
    • Plate thickness : 2 mm
    • Maximum depth: 105 mm
  • Cut out dimensions:
    • Height: 225 mm
    • Width: 175 mm
Box dimensions
15 × 32 × 32 cm
3.1 kg


RMS Power
150 Watts RMS at 4 ohm
Input Impedance
47,000 ohms
Input Sensitivity
50mV to 2.3V

Produkt Dimensioner

254 mm
203 mm