Supernova MKVI DSP Amplifier




After a long wait, Earthquake Sound Corporation has now released the most power Supernova amplifier ever made. The new MKVI DSP amplifier is a home theater monster capable of dumping 1000 WRMS into a 2 ohm load all day long without breaking a sweat thanks to its patented IQ technology allowing for 98% of GREEN power and a mere 2% of heat.

Like the newer MiniMe DSP series of home theater subwoofers, the MKVI DSP has now been overhauled with a highly advanced DSP processor for unappalled control and sound quality. Users will achieve professional level tuning results from features like active room correction functions, 25 bands of equalization, continuous phase control, and up to 48dB/Octave crossover all available at your fingertips. Simply sliding your finger up or down on a mobile device instantly changes the slope or slide your finger sideways to adjust the bandwidth.

As for room correction, the MKVI DSP amplifier is equipped with genuine room correction functions that take reflections, refractions, arrival, and equalization all into account making this amplifier a complete DSP solution that ensures optimum acoustic integration into any room.

One major highlight of this DSP amplifier is the ability to regenerate bass that was removed during recording with the subharmonic synthesizer function. Simply slide your finger to enable it and SHS is activated on the fly. Furthermore, the MKVI DSP’s power supply is based on a stiff silicon-steel hard-wound low-emittance toroidal transformer that provides stable high power and no interference.

For DIYers and existing Supernova owners, the new MKVI DSP amplifier is a direct drop-in replacement for the older MKVI subwoofers that were equipped with the IQ series plate amp. Simply remove the factory mounting screws and make the necessary wire connections and you have a new subwoofer with the latest Earthquake technology. With full user control and uncompromising performance, the all new Earthquake Sound MKVI DSP raises the bar of home theater amplifiers.

DSP For Total Control – This plate amplifier can be used as an upgrade to an existing Supernova MKVI Subwoofer.

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Model Name: AMP-MKVI-DSP



  • Advanced class D circuitry
  • Fully balanced XLR input and output
  • Low level RCA input and output
  • 40Hz–160Hz variable low pass filter
  • Continuously variable crossover with up to 48db/Oct slope
  • Room correction with full DSP control
  • Mono DSP output for sending processed signal to an additional subwoofer
  • 3-way Auto/On/Off signal mode selector
  • XLR/RCA input mode selector
  • DSP On/Off selector
  • Auto room tuning adjustments
  • 0–180° phase adjustment selector
  • IR remote and remote eye
  • iWoofer™ Pro compatible
  • DSP pairing via Bluetooth™
  • 110V/220V AC selector
  • 1500W dynamic and over 1000W RMS at 2Ω
  • Frequency Response: 18Hz–115Hz

iWoofer Features:

  • XOver Control (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48dB/Octave)
  • Gain Control
  • SHS Control
  • Delay Control
  • Phase Control (Variable phase with 1 degree increment from 0–180°)
  • Limiter-Compressor Base Control
  • Limiter-Compressor Detailed Control*
  • Dynamic Bass Base Control
  • Dynamic Bass Detailed Control*
  • Remote Hardware Control
  • Preset Manager
  • Preset Import/Export Features
  • Automated Room Correction*
  • SPLMeter*
*  iWoofer Pro Features Only  


  • H x W x D: 8.50″ (216mm) x 11.65″ (296mm) x 4.5″ (114mm) Depth includes knob protrusions and PCB boards
  • Weight: 11.20 lbs (5.08 kgs) Weight includes the amplifier and transformer
Box dimensions