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Navn Cinenova Grande
SKU CinenovaGrande
45.545,00 DKK
28.147,50 DKK
Box dimensions 41 × 70 × 58 cm
Weight 74 kg
8 ohms: 0.001%
Power Rating1000 Watts into 2 ohms RMS
1450 Watts into 1 ohm RMS
1500 Watts bridge-link into 8 ohms RMS
2500 Watts bridge-link into 4 ohms RMS
2800 Watts bridge-link into 2 ohms RMS
330 Watts into 8 ohms RMS
660 Watts into 4 ohms RMS
Channel Separationat least 120 dB
Frequency Range1W + /-0.1dB: 20Hz to 20kHz
Damping Factor1.600
Signal to Noise Ratio120dB at 10kHz
121dB at 5kHz
122dB at 1kHz
Crossover FilterVariable Selector from 20Hz – 5kHz with a slope of 12dB/Octave
Input Impedance27
000 ohms
Max. Input Voltage1.9 volts
Produkt Dimensioner
Net Weight61.5 kg
Height238 mm
Width442 mm
Depth494 mm
12v trigger ( can be switched automatically from your preamplifier or other components with 12v trigger output)
4000VA ferrite OFC low regulation transformer with separate secondary windings
Available in black
Built-in crossover
Cinénova Grande BR exceed effortlessly technical standards set by THX & DTS and Dolby Laboratories
Handmade in the USA
Oversized gold plated 7-way output terminals.
XLR and RCA inputs