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Navn Cinénova-7300
SKU Cinenova-7300
26.017,50 DKK
Box dimensions N/A
Weight kg
Channel SeparationCross Talk / Channel Separation: Greater than -110dB from 17Hz to 40kHz
DC Output Offset0.004
Damping Factor1600 at 8 Ohm
Frequency Responseup to 30kHz ±0.1dB
Input ImpedanceRCA: 28 kΩ
XLR: 48 kΩ
Input Sensitivity30 kΩ
Power Rating Per Channel(2-Ohm load) Rated: 550 WRMS
(4-Ohm load) Rated: 300 WRMS
(8-Ohm load) Rated: 180 WRMS
Power Requirement120 VAC/240 VAC Factory Preset
Signal to Noise RatioSignal to Noise Ratio (A-Weighted): Greater than -111dB
Slew Rate60V/microsecond
THD+N0.003% at 1 watt
Produkt Dimensioner
Chassis (H x W x D)7″ x 17″ x 17.12″ (178mm x 432mm x 435mm)
Front Panel (H x W)7″ x 19″ (178mm x 483mm)
Mounting (H x W)4″ x 18.37″ (102mm x 467mm)
Net Weight80 lbs (36.3 kgs)
12VDC Trigger: Detects an incoming 12VDC signal and will automatically power on the amplifier.
Fully Balanced XLR Inputs: We recommend the use of fully balanced XLR inputs in cases when the distance between the Cinénova and the audio source is excessive and susceptible to noise interference.
Gold Plated Speaker Binding Posts: We recommend that you use a high quality wire constructed of fine multi-strand copper 10 or 12 gauge.
Ground Wire Binding Post: Grounds the amplifier to your AV receiver/processor.
Input Selector: To maintain signal integrity Cinénova 7300 provides you with an “Input Selector Switch” giving you (installer) the option to select between RCA or XLR inputs.
Input Sensitivity: Input selector gain set is based on your processor output voltage.
Low Distortion
Monaural Design: Completely separate output blocks.
RCA Input: Accepts low-level signal from any source such as a processor or receiver (0.4 VAC – 6 VAC)
Ultimate Sound Quality