Edgeless SweetSpot In-Ceiling Speaker



Edgeless Sweetspot – Special 20 degree angle sound solution.

The Edgeless SweetSpot SS82 in-ceiling speaker adds unique possibilities to the ceiling speaker category. Whenever directional ceiling sound is desirable the Edgeless SS82 will deliver stunning full spectrum sound. The woofer is angled at a fixed 20 degree and the silk dome tweeter can be independently angled for total dispersion flexibility.  If installation in the ceiling is only possible around the outer rim of the room as in many older buildings, it can  provide excellent full room coverage. It can also be used in a surround sound system as it gives the sound the directionality needed for correct movie sound playback. The Edgeless SS82 is the perfect way to implement Dolby Atmos. With extended low frequency response to 30 HZ the Edgeless SS82 can easily operate without the need for a subwoofer. An Edgeless SS82 in each corner of a room will give great coverage with powerful bass response.

The SweetSpot’s simplified grille installation uses Neo magnets to pull  the grille  into position, providing an even and clean  fit.

Expanded tonal control with +- 3 db adjustments for both treble and bass  gives the listener the flexibility to tailor the speaker response to the room and personal preferences.

The Edgeless Sweetspot speakers feature R435 echo control dampening material that eliminate reflections and refractions caused by sound bouncing off hard surfaces. Resulting in an audible improvement of sound reproduction regardless of room shape and size.

The simple Turn-N-Lock™ installation mechanism makes installation quick and secure.

Note: If used in Saunas or swimming/bathing facilities with water vapor condensing directly on the grill, rust might form over time. This is harmless and grill can be replaced for a like-new appearance.

Gold plated and spring loaded binding posts for a quick connection that will never become loose or faulty.

With paintable grilles and speaker frames, the new Edgeless SweetSpot speakers can be tailored to match any décor, making them visible only to the ears.

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2.595,00 DKK
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EAN: 0068975901197 Excluding VAT 1144 DKK
Box dimensions
21 × 32 × 32 cm
4.75 kg


Grille Finish
Impact Resist ABS Plastic
1″ (25mm) silk dome swiveling compression tweeter
Woofer Size
8″ (203mm)Polypropylene cone wooofer
Power Handling
30 – 300 Watts
Frequency Response
30Hz – 30kHz
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
91dB @ 1W/1M
Wire Gauge Recommended

Voice Coil

Voice Coil

Produkt Dimensioner

285 mm
Cut out hole
245 mm
Mounting Depth
147.5 mm
Grille protrusion
5.5 mm
  • Easy adjust Bass/Treble trim
  • Easy install magnetically attached & paintable speaker grilles
  • Easy install Turn-N-Lock™ installation mechanisms
  • Echo control R435 sound absorbing material
  • Elaborate crossover networks with gold plated & spring loaded speaker terminals
  • High quality and precision polypropylene woofer with wide rubber surround for extended bass response and more piston
  • Perfect for all sub applications
  • Silk dome 1″ swiveling neodymium tweeter
  • Up to 20° angled SweetSpot